Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Missing Sewing Machine

July 28, 2007 at 5:12 pm Leave a comment

Finally, after days of searching through boxes at our new house, my sewing machine has been found!  It was in one of the many unlabeled boxes that were hastily packed on moving day (oh, to remember that crazy day…glad it’s behind us!).

The project that was boxed before we left Florida is now out and ready to be worked on at my new pad. Get excited kids! The unveiling is now only a short time away. What?  You want a clue you say?  Time for another zine?  Nope, it’s not paper and it’s sewn by me with love.  I will tell you this, it satisfies all the things that make a toy good.  1. It is small enough to put in your pocket and take with you. 2. It’s cute (what can I say, I like cute…maybe you don’t) 3. It’s fun to share with your friends.

More to come…


Entry filed under: art, sewing.

I’m back…finally! Tag, I’m it.

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